Database Information

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Local News Index:

This index includes the Quad-City Times, the Leader, the River Cities Reader, and other area publications from roughly 1993 to the present, plus some earlier dates. As this is an ongoing project, there may be some gaps in coverage.  If you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact us as we have indexes that are not yet available online.

Also, a full-text database for the Quad-City Times (December 31, 2002 - present) may now be accessed through our subscription to NewsBank.  See Research Tools for access to this database.

Hostetler Photographs:

The nearly 18,000 photographs in this collection were taken by the Hostetler Studio from about 1895 to about 1920. The majority of the images are portraits of local residents.  When using this index, remember that the name provided is not necessarily the name of the person in the photograph. The name used in the index is the name that appeared on the original negative envelope and in many instances appears to be the name of the person who paid for the photograph, not the actual subject of the photograph.


Current coverage is 1950-1962, 1980-82, and 1990 to the present, with some gaps and various dates missing.  Newspapers included are the Davenport Democrat, Davenport Times-Democrat and the Quad-City Times.  Print indexes are available for other time periods.

Scott County Marriage Certificates: Index, pre 1836-c.1925:

Most of these records also include marriage license applications, which list the ages of the bride and groom, the names of their parents, and other personal information. Please note that this collection only represents a portion of the total marriages in Scott County for this time period; many of the originals were too damaged to be microfilmed.  Please contact Special Collections staff for marriage records not located in this index.

Marriage Announcement Index:

These articles are being indexed from the Davenport Democrat. Current coverage is 1950 to the mid 1960s, but more entries are being added weekly.

Gazette Newspaper:

This is a personal name index for the Gazette newspaper, which was published from August 26, 1841 to January 30, 1887. This index is not yet complete.

1856 Iowa State Census:

This index covers Scott County and includes the age, sex, marital status, years in Iowa, and place of birth of all listed members of a household.

Please note that the following abbreviations are used in this index:

  • AG = Allens Grove Township
  • BF = Buffalo Township
  • BG = Blue Grass Township
  • DT = Davenport and Davenport Township
  • HG = Hickory Grove Township
  • LE = LeClaire Township
  • LI = Liberty Township
  • PR = Princeton Township
  • PV = Pleasant Valley Township
  • RH = Rockingham Township
  • WI = Winfield Township

1885 Iowa State Census:

This index covers Scott County and includes the age, birthplace, and stated occupation of all listed members of a household.

1925 Iowa State Census:

This Census provide the names of the individual's parents and their place of birth. The index provides book and page numbers for residents of Scott County with the exception of the city of Davenport. Please contact us for listings from the Davenport city index.

U.S. Veterans Reserve Corps, 4th Regiment, Company K:

This is an index to the Company Roster, which is held by the Special Collections Center.

Civil War Enlistments:

This is an index to the enlistment papers of the men who volunteered in Iowa regiments for the Union army after June of 1862. The papers, which include more information than provided in the index, are arranged by last name alphabetically within each company of each regiment.  This index is not yet complete.

Please also note that this collection only includes the documents that 'survived' to be microfilmed, and therefore does not include every Iowa Infantry Volunteer. For example, of all the men who enlisted in the 30th Iowa Infantry, the enlistment papers of only eight people were available to be filmed (two in Company E, one in Company G, and five in Company H).  This microfilm is available for viewing in the Special Collections Center.

Mortality Schedules:

This index includes Scott County residents who died in the twelve months prior to the taking of the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 Federal Censuses (June to June). The Mortality Schedule itself provides a variety of other information, depending on the census year, such as the cause of death.

Please note that the occasional entry might indicate that it is not on microfilm. We are currently trying to obtain digital copies of the missing or unreadable pages from our microfilm collections; thank you for your patience.

Scott County Probate Index:

This is a very new index to the microfilmed Scott County Probate packets that are available in the Special Collections Center.  We've barely started on this project so check back often for updates.

Scott County Unusual Sources:

The Scott County Iowa Genealogical Society created a name index to a wide variety of items available in the Special Collections Center.  We're now starting to enter this information into an online index – check back often for new information!