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Title Newspaper PubDate Section Page Notes Abstract Subjects
A new biography on Miss Millay: Arthur, George and other Davenporters  Times-Democrat  July 27, 1969  photos    Authors/Millary, Edna St. Vincent/Ficke, Arthur Davison 
Davenport's Seven Famous Authors: "Octave Thanet," a gracious lady who put the old home town in much that she wrote; Charles Edward Russell, a voice of protest; a policeman finds a new use for "Who's Who."  Quad-City Times  July 10, 1938          Authors/Russell, Charles Edward/Ficke, Arthur Davison/Dell, Floyd/Hansen, Harry/Glaspell, Susan/Cook, George Cram/Thanet, Octave/Thomas, Theodore 
Davenport's Writers, Both Quick and Dead, Particularly Prolific; Special Collection of Their Works Here Contains 265 Volumes  Davenport Democrat and Leader  April 8, 1934        Authors/Davenport Pulic Library/French, Alice/Thanet, Octave/Butler, Ellis Parker/Quick, Herbert/Dell, Floyd/Ramsey, L. W./Kelly, James Anthony/Plum, Mary Van Patten/Russell, C. E./Hanson, Harry/Lawrence, C. H./Palmer, B. J./Blair, Walter A./Roundy, R. N./Downer, Harry/Code, Joseph B./Ficke, Arthur Davidson/Glaspell, Susan/Wilke, Frank B./Cook, George Cram/Cram, Eloise 
Environment plays big part in production of talent and art works  Times Democrat  March 10, 1929          French, Alice/Thanet, Octave/Russell, Charles Edward/Cook, George Cram/Glaspell, Susan/Ficke, Arthur Davison/Hansen, Harry/Dell, Floyd/Authors 
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