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Found 4 Items in Scott County Unusual Sources
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Last Name First Name Date Source Source Location Page Corporate Name Notes
Ficke  Augusta S.  August 27, 1872  Davenport Gazette  SC Microfilm Davenport Newspapers    Marriage; Louis Mueller 
Ficke  Agnes  June 6, 2023  Combined Atlases of Scott County, Iowa 1882, 1894, 1905, 1919  SC Atlas Case 917.7769 Sch  141     
Ficke  Arthur Davison    Davenport: where the Mississippi runs west  SC 977.769 Sve  15-2    see also 15-1 
Ficke  A. C.  June 6, 1890  Scott County Iowa Tax Records: Davenport, Rockingham Townships  SC Microfilm 977.769 TAX  24    Davenport Twp.: Pt. sec. 33 & 34.78.3 4.62 acres com. at a pt. in Dav. Rock[ingham] Road which is 5.13chs. S26°45' E of SE cor. NE¼ sec. 33 th. along sd. road N58° E2.82chs. th. N33° 45' W18.25chs. th. S52° W2.82chs. th. S32° E18.1chs. to beg. 
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