Simply Held

Best Sellers Club is now Simply Held!

If you were already signed up for Best Sellers Club prior to August 2022, all your author and picks have transferred to Simply Held. This name change is to better reflect the holds service and allows Davenport Public Library to expand the list of authors and picks available to the public.

Choose any author, celebrity pick, fiction pick, and/or nonfiction pick and our selection experts will put the latest title on hold for you automatically. Select as many as you want! Still have questions? Click here for a list of FAQs.

*Scott County Library patrons (card numbers that begin with 20072) please sign up here.
**Library Staff Only: PDF list of authors here


Introducing Simply Held - Fiction Picks!

In order to expand and diversify the service offerings, Davenport Public Library is now including Fiction Picks,  as part of Simply Held, to better reflect the diversity of our collection and wide-range of patron interests. Descriptions available below. 


If your library card is inactive or expired more than six months or you have charges on your account of $25 or more for two months, you may be automatically withdrawn from the Simply Held service.

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Nonfiction Picks (Chosen Quarterly - Regular Print Only)
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Fiction Picks (Chosen Quarterly - Regular Print Only)
BIPOC: Black, Indigenous, and people of color LGBTQ+: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and others.
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